"We develop product ideas and turn them into champions."


Corporate responsibility for social, sustainable and economical success. 


Durable and high-quality products make people happy. They are in longer use and are disposed of less often. 

We live for quality. In the development and procurement of our products as well as in personal interaction with customers and employees. 


For us, reconciling ecological interests with economic and social objectives means sustainability. Our actions are heavily influenced by this.
By eliminating the intermediary trade, our business model already minimizes unnecessary waste of resources. The use of optimized product packaging, short logistics routes, video conferences and the paperless office strengthen our ecological focus. 


Only those who react quickly to new developments can benefit from the pioneering advantages. 

We are always one step ahead of the competition thanks to quick action, short decision-making processes, good integration of the producers, an excellent sense of trends and digital analysis skills. 

New Work Concept

The way work is done must also be adapted to the requirements of the global and digital world. 

We work remotely and are therefore independent of a spatial connection. Our team decides where the office is. All workflows are paperless and daily exchange takes place via video chats. 


The inclusion of digital technologies in economic processes with the aim of improving them - that's digitalization. 

IN & OUT HOUSE GmbH relies exclusively on digital processes. In development, procurement and sales as well as in the way we interact with our customers. 


Growth is the motor for innovation. 
We've been growing organically for years. 

This is how we maintain our independence and can systematically adapt our processes to the requirements. 

Power of innovation

In a fast-moving world, the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions is the key to success. 

An interdisciplinary team works at IN & OUT HOUSE GmbH for maximum flexibility. Different minds with different talent areas develop exciting ideas. Short coordination channels, flat hierarchies and a high level of motivation ensure quick decisions.


IN & OUT HOUSE GmbH stands for diversity, openness and team play. Each of our competent and motivated employees contributes to our success. A modern work organization, flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes contribute to exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Sascha Wenzel

Founder and Managing Director

“Die Entwicklung innovativer Produkt-, Verkaufs- sowie Präsentationsformen und der Einsatz zukunftsorientierter Arbeitskonzepte erzeugen Kunden- und Mitarbeiter-
zufriedenheit. Diese Faktoren sind tragenden Säulen des nachhaltigen Erfolgs unserer Unternehmensgruppe.”

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Philipp Ink

Managing Director

“Verkaufsprozesse in Erlebnismomente zu verwandeln schafft Freude und beschleunigt den Erfolg unseres Geschäfts. Dadurch den Wettbewerbern stets einen Schritt voraus zu sein und unsere Umsätze permanent zu steigern, das ist meine Leidenschaft und tägliche Motivation.”

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Theresa Lambrecht

Creative Director

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Abir Kabouch 

Project Manager Europe 

+49 242 25001869

E-mail:  [email protected]

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